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Get to know your market and your customers

It’s easy to think you know what is happening in your market place, and that your customers are happy. Not all of them buy all your products but maybe they don’t need them. Those channels you sell through, they seem a reasonable bunch, don’t they?

But hang on a minute!

Isn’t it time you tested those long-held assumptions about your business, products, and markets.

  • What do your customers really think of you?
  • You know what you think you sell them, but what do they really buy from you and why?
  • Will that new product be accepted by the market and will it expand your customer base?

How are your competitors perceived in the marketplace? Better than you? Why? What is it they do that you don’t? Or perhaps you are doing something better than them and you’re not making the most of it!

With years of B2B telemarketing, lead generation and market research experience under our belt, we offer a holistic, intelligent approach to B2B market research that will give you the answers you need to formulate your future marketing plans.

Whether it’s testing a specific idea or to confirm your current strategy, we will devise a well targeted market research programme which will inform your on-going business decisions.

Lingo is experienced in creating and executing professional customer surveys. Our telemarketing team is experienced in conducting conversations so that, if your respondents do take an unexpected turn, our team know how to deal with it and can record all additional information.

Using various methods of contact through online, email and telephone surveys and ensuring that your potential and current customers are approached the way they want to be is one of the best ways to get the information you need to guide your business and marketing plans.

Lingo has conducted B2B market research into everything from travel vaccines to the use of scientific equipment so we are well placed to conduct your research and collate the results. Contact us now because you need to know!

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