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Lead Generation FAQs

Lead generation feeds the funnel and the funnel feeds the business – neglect the funnel and you neglect your business!

In this section, we aim to answer the most commonly asked questions and dispel a few myths with regard to B2B lead generation.

What is lead generation?

Lead Generation (LeadGen) is the process of attracting or finding specific potential clients for a business.

Is advertising a form of lead generation?

In its broadest sense, yes it can be, if there is some form of direct response mechanism associated with it. However, most consumer advertising is there to generate some other form of action – awareness, a visit to a shop or showroom, choosing a specific brand when on the weekly shop. Lead generation is more associated with B2B marketing where we are generating a lead with a known company and a known decision maker or influencer within that company. Further, in an ideal world, this lead would also be further qualified by knowing that the lead generated is BANT qualified. It may also be known by the less defined term of ’sales ready’.

What is BANT?

B-A-N-T is an acronym for Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale. In other words, when the sales person makes contact with the prospect, they will know that the person they are contacting will have a need for their product or service within a reasonable timescale and they will have the money available and the authority to spend it.

Didn’t that used to be a sales job?

In many instances, it still is. If one is generating leads for a complex, higher value product or service with a longish sales cycle, the lead should be handed over to the sales person quite early in the process so that they can work with the prospect and start to build a trust that their product or service will deliver what the prospect wants and needs, removing identified pain points and generally doing what a good sales person should do. However, for lower value products, the lead will stay with the lead generation agency, or the company’s own marketing department, for longer as the lead is nurtured to a sales ready, or BANT, point in its life.

Is that what is called Lead Nurturing?

Yes. This is where we take the embryonic lead and guide it through the stages that can lead up to it being sales ready. This could include emails, case studies, videos, infographics, together with the occasional phone call to ensure that your name stays front-of-mind with the prospect until they are ready to buy. An important part of Lead Generation is finding out basic information about when prospects will be fully in the market.

What results can we expect to see as a result of using your services?

One of the great things about telemarketing is that it can be measured, so you can always calculate your ROI from the results that we achieve. We continually benchmark and monitor our activities to ensure you get the best results from our services. We believe that the benefits of working with Lingo will speak for themselves.

So, lead generation is more than just appointment setting then?

Yes. Appointment setting is the end result of the lead generation process in the same way that turning the final corner marks the end of a journey. Lead Generation is a journey and, like any journey, you will not arrive at your desired destination without knowing your route and being able to adjust that route to cope with traffic jams, diversions, bad weather or whatever else can befall us as we travel.

But what if I want lots of appointments now as my sales team is not able to meet targets. I don’t have time for lead generation – just get me appointments!

Ah, the cry of the worried sales director, concerned for this quarter’s targets only. No time to wait, needs results now. Well, at Lingo we would do our best to generate those leads but we would also stress the importance on developing a pipeline for future quarters so that the desperation does not live on quarter-by-quarter.

So lead generation is all about pipeline!

Yes, absolutely. A company with a good pipeline is one where sales growth can be achieved, sales period by sales period. You neglect your pipeline at your peril.

What is so special about Lingo’s lead generation services (Lingo LeadGen)?

As I hope we have demonstrated above, Lingo understands lead generation and we have the tools to deliver the required leads.

What tools are they then?

Lingo’s range of tools includes, first and foremost, the telephone – we began life as a telemarketing company and this remains one of our great strengths. Our team are all highly experienced and capable of conducting peer-to-peer conversations, guided by a calling brief but not hidebound by a script.

To support this, Lingo operates a marketing automation platform to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Content? Do you mean emails?

Emails are important but this may also include social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn. We would also look to see what other, industry specific channels there may be.

We can also monitor which companies are visiting your website using the Lingo WebTracker. This can prioritise and tailor follow ups by seeing which pages were looked at, and for how long.

What about the initial prospect list?

Now you are talking of the foundation on which any B2B lead generation campaign is built. We work with trusted data providers to give us the quality to make sure these foundations are as solid as can be. Further, we will ensure that you, as the client, are directly involved in this process and will have a direct relationship with the appropriate list broker.

Do you work with lists that clients provide?

Yes, sometimes we do. Although we would always prefer to carry our validation of this data first to ensure that it is fully up-to-date. In the past, we have had client-provided lists where we have found contacts that have been dead for years – not a great way to generate leads! Further, this reflects badly on your company.

So how would you sum up the importance of lead generation?

The world if full of potential buyers and, as everyone in B2B marketing will tell you ad nauseam, buyers are so empowered by the web, that they will remain hidden until they pop up towards the end of their buying cycle – and they may not pop up where you can see them! This means that sellers today must be highly visible to buyers and must reach out to them to find out when and what they will buy, and what are their buying criteria. Most importantly, you need to know what their pain points are – what keeps them awake at night!

This will keep your prospect funnel full and a full funnel means a thriving business. So in simple terms:

Lead generation feeds the funnel and the funnel feeds the business – neglect the funnel and you neglect your business!