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The Cambridge online Dictionary defines conversation as …

“Talk between two or more people in which thoughts, feelings, and ideas are expressed, questions are asked and answered, or news and information is exchanged”

Lingo is not about script-bashing in a 21st Century factory environment, our experienced team holds intelligent peer-to-peer conversations with your customers and prospective customers. By holding these conversations, Lingo gathers information from your customers and prospects so that you know what they want to buy from you as well as why and when.

To ensure we have the best team possible, we use a three-stage recruitment process to ensure that we take on only the best people, each of whom typically has at least 20 years business experience.

What is it that makes Lingo’s approach so unique?


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Lingo has a highly experienced telemarketing team. Meet them to find out how they can make your next telemarketing campaign a success.

Check out our frequently asked questions section for more information on our approach to telemarketing.

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We are proud to be a member of the Direct Marketing Association.

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