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Gerald and the Call-Back Rack

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Do you just want appointments or do you want a prospect pipeline leading off into the future? How you can have your cake and eat it.

Imagine each of your potential clients as shiny glass marbles. Now put all those marbles in a large bowl – a big, glittering bowl of potential customers. They all look so shiny that you want them all now! Go on, admit it. So much potential!

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Seven ways to grow your sales pipeline

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A healthy sales pipeline is your most important measure for sales success. It needs to be fluid and constantly progressing or moving forward to the next stage, but to do this, you need to reach your prospects across a range of different touch points and continually follow up your efforts in order to get maximum success. Here are seven practical ideas you can implement right away that will help grow your sales pipeline and keep all your leads moving in the right direction: Continue reading

Leading the Way in the Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare industry is currently facing many challenges and changes: The current NHS reforms are said to amongst the most radical in the history of the health service. Companies across the healthcare industry recognise they need to deliver higher quality care and products at a lower cost, and new customer demands are challenging how healthcare companies drive growth, create innovation and use technology in order to deliver better value. Continue reading