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See who’s been on your website

As part of your Lead Generation campaign, it is vital to know who’s been attracted to your website and what they looked at – a web visit is, after all, a strong buying signal but only if you have an antenna that can pick it up.

Lingo, in partnership with Virtualnet Marketing has now launched Lingo WebTracker which will help identify the businesses that are looking at your website, which pages that they are viewing, how long and also the route they took to find you and, if that route was via a search engine, which phrases they used. Imagine being able to analyse a list of key visitors to your website.


Lingo Webtracker | Website Visitor Identification


Lingo WebTracker will send you instant email alerts and also a daily summary listing all identified businesses that visited your website in the previous 24 hours. You can also login to view the name, address and contact details of those businesses and see any previous visit history and then click links for Google and LinkedIn to research them further.

Here’s a summary of what WebTracker will tell you:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address and Contact Details.
  • Source of Visit
  • Pages looked at on your website (products or services they were interested in)
  • Duration of visit by page
  • We also track Google Adwords visitors and the phrases they used to get to your website! (great for increasing ROI for AdWords).

Increase your Conversion Rate to 45% by identifying which companies are clicking your AdWords adverts.

Google AdWords Facts:

  • The Average CTR (click-through-rate) is 2.6%
  • The Average Conversion Rate is 5.63%

Product Features:

  • Simple user panel with summaries and tabs to detailed information.
  • Daily Alerts via email (this can be filtered easily by company, category or user)
  • Lead Scoring organise your incoming leads more effectively
  • LinkedIn Integration to identify target individuals at the companies looking at your website
  • Categorisation of visitors for filtering
  • Goal Setting to highlight visitor importance by page visited
  • CRM integration
  • Create Multiple Users Accounts via your control panel at no cost


Lead Generation

Lingo WebTracker is especially powerful if you are running a lead generation campaign via telemarketing. By seeing which prospects have visited your website, call‐backs can be prioritised to catch those who have shown the most interest, giving your campaign a significant extra edge.

All the data captured can be downloaded and integrated into CRM data. It’s an essential tool to assist with Google Adwords and SEO too.

This is why the team here at Lingo felt it would be an important part of our range of services. Contact us to find out more about all the things we can do as part of our lead generation services.

What Customers Say

“We carried out extensive side-by-side tests involving several web tracking services. Our parallel trials revealed this product was the most accurate (almost 30% more accurate than that supplied by the market leader for the trial period), while the pricing structure is also much more competitive. Being able to go for a pay-monthly agreement was a decisive factor too, especially since we hadn’t used such a system before and were not sure of the ROI it could potentially deliver for us.

“Our sales support and telesales teams have been provided with valuable data and multiple leads which we have followed through on. We’re happy with our choice and hope to fully leverage the service’s extensive functionality in the future.”

Web Content Editor, Market Leading Access Control and Attendance Management company

Free Trial

We are offering a totally FREE, no commitment, 14-day trial of Lingo WebTracker to give you the chance to see the level of Lead Generation opportunities from your website.

For your FREE TRIAL, simply call us on 01865 886340, or contact us, let us know a few basic facts and you will be forwarded code for your website. Once this is added to your web pages, the trial will begin.

You will be amazed at what you’ve been missing!