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Disappointed with the results of your sales initiatives? Wondering why reaction to your direct mail or email campaigns is close to zero?

Is it because your sales team are too busy on the road?

Lingo Telemarketing will tell you that:

  1. Direct mail and email shots alone will not get strong results
  2. People do not usually respond to a single piece of marketing

Instead, we can work with you to dovetail our telemarketing with your sales and marketing activities such as:

  • Direct marketing and special offers
  • Sales initiatives
  • PR and advertising
  • Product launches
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Events

We can also help with the creation of materials, templates and microsites in your corporate style.

Lingo’s highly-focused and co-ordinated approach to campaign marketing will take your business to a new level:

  • A structure that gives you direct access to your dedicated telemarketers with the comfort of senior account management
  • Strong relationships with new as well as existing clients
  • Quality appointment-setting that won’t waste your time
  • Improved conversion rates
  • A measurable sales tool that can be expanded or contracted according to your needs
  • A substantial sales pipeline
  • And finally, Lingo will help you with disciplined follow-up, which is indispensable to the success of any campaign

For more on how Lingo’s ‘total marketing’ approach can energise your sales campaigns and turn them into profitable business call 01865 866 340 or email us.