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B2B Market Research


You have an idea for a new product or service, but you’re nervous about launching it on a wing and a prayer without market research? Maybe you require specialist knowledge, such as health market research, but do not have a team with the skills.

Or you feel it’s time you tested your long-held assumptions about your business and markets.

With years of telemarketing and B2B market research experience under our belt, we offer a holistic, intelligent approach to B2B market research.

Whether it’s testing a specific idea or to confirm your current strategy, we will launch a well targeted market research programme that will tell you:

  • If there is a market for your product or service
  • Whether another potential market exists
  • Who your competitors are and what they are doing
  • How your pricing compares – are you too cheap, too expensive or just right?
  • Why your customers are not reordering
  • Whether they are aware of your full product range
  • Whether they are happy with what you’ve sold them
  • What they think about your customer service

“Route to Market” Research

You may be looking for help with existing customers: whether it’s to retain or educate them on the latest product offerings, or gain insight into your customer base, Lingo is experienced in creating and conducting professional customer surveys.

Using the telephone to speak directly with potential responders to your survey is one of the best ways to get the information you need to guide your business/marketing plans. Lingo has conducted B2B market research into everything from travel vaccines to scientific equipment use so we are well placed to conduct your research and collate the results. Contact us now