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Lingo Telemarketing gives you an Unfair Advantage

Lingo is a professional marketing agency that uses telemarketing as an important tool in its service portfolio. We are adamantly not a script-bashing, call centre environment!

Our experienced team holds intelligent, peer-to-peer conversations with your customers and prospective customers, conversations that are designed to gather the information that tells you what they want to buy from you as well as why and when.

To ensure we have the best team possible, we use a three-stage recruitment process to ensure that we take on only the best people, each of whom typically has at least 20 years business experience. We have significant experience in a number of key business sectors.


Our pharma team is trained and experienced in dealing with health care and management professionals of all levels in NHS hospitals & trusts, GP surgeries, private clinics and pharmacies. Read more.


Lingo’s experience in the healthcare sector is second to none and we are ready to assist you with all aspects of healthcare telesales, telemarketing, lead generation and market research. Find out more.


Lingo’s experienced team has run campaigns on matters from reading resources to library management software to professional services. Find out more about our education sector telemarketing services.

Scientific & Medical Equipment

We have worked on products including Microplate readers and mass spectrometers as well as software and systems for link them all together to feed into hospital and patient admin systems. Read more.

Professional Services

Offering professional services via telemarketing needs more than just a call centre team with a script, it demands people who are able to engage your potential clients in an intelligent conversation. Find out more.


Probably one of the world’s toughest market sectors. If you have a product or service that stands out from the crowd that needs pushing into the market, then Lingo can work with you to provide the right platform. Find out more.


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