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Our Process

Our Five Simple Steps To Successful Results

Step 1

Understanding the client’s business

Our process for bringing a new client or project on-board ensures that both Lingo management and the Lingo colleagues carrying out the calling understand a client’s business, products and services and also the philosophy that drives them.

We believe that the most important relationship contributing to the success of a campaign is that between the client and the Lingo team members calling on the client’s behalf.

Step 2

Briefing & Discovery Meeting

Once the go ahead is given by the client, we begin with a Briefing & Discovery Meeting, where the team members who will be doing the calling sit down with the client. This is not a one-way handing out of information but a full two-way discovery meeting where we aim to identify the details that will ensure that we know the most effective approach to the campaign. This includes ascertaining how to craft the vital first fifteen seconds of a call that will determine its success.

Step 3

No scripts at Lingo

The next stage is to draw up the calling guide (no scripts at Lingo). This is then sent to the client for approval/amendment.

Step 4

Your detailed daily report and ongoing client communication

Once a campaign is underway, we pride ourselves on keeping you informed throughout. For most campaigns, a detailed daily report will give you the details of that day’s calling –  decision maker calls made and significant outcomes and information. Then there is a weekly report aimed at providing management with an overview of that week’s calling. Lingo management will also monitor the campaign throughout, looking at how it can be improved and confronting head-on any issues as they arise.

Step 5

Campaign Review

At the completion of a campaign, we will produce a detailed Campaign Review and also hold a meeting or conference call to discuss the effectiveness of the campaign in further detail. As we communicate with our clients throughout the campaign, the Campaign Review will not contain any surprises but is an effective summary of what was achieved and, if appropriate, how best to move forward.