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Legal Cost Finance Case Study

Legal Cost Finance Ltd is a payment plan facilitator for consumers of legal services, offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to spread their legal costs over time by coordinating relations with legal representatives, funders and escrow agents. Further, once a payment plan is installed, they will continue to administer the agreements and observe performance by all sides.

Legal Cost Finance directs clients to FCA regulated, specialist consumer credit brokers who procure the necessary financing for payment plan facilitation. Legal Cost Finance is part of the Kohen Rapoport Group, an industry leader in legal service innovation

Lingo’s brief

Lingo was tasked with expanding the number of vetted lawyers, focusing on South West London and Middlesex. The objective was to secure expressions of interest for a legal relationship manager to meet with individual lawyers – both solicitors and open-access barristers – in order to recruit them into the scheme.

The Campaign

After an extensive briefing and working with Legal Cost Finance to develop a call flow chart to cover every eventuality, the Lingo team began researching each targeted law firm via the web before calling. This ensured that the caller was able to identify the appropriate specialist within each firm.

Legal Cost Finance’s is unique in the UK and this meant that the Lingo’s call, as Legal Cost Finance, created a great deal of discussion with a 30-45 minute call being quite typical. The Lingo team were able to answer the questions asked during these in-depth conversations and lay out the benefits of the service for both lawyer and client. All information gained on the call was given to the legal relationship manager to enable them to carry on where the Lingo call handed off.

Legal Cost Finance CEO Yuri Rapoport was delighted with the success of the campaign. “Lingo’s grasp of the service and their ability to set the appointments meant that we were kept very busy just following up on what Lingo generated, which has to be a good outcome!”

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