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IT & Telecommunications Telemarketing

IT & Telecommunications Telemarketing

Reaching corporate IT and telecoms decision makers is notoriously difficult. These people are deluged by companies offering competing technology, systems and software, all of which claim to offer something better, cheaper, faster; no wonder they hide behind voicemail or don’t even have an extension. Many can only be contacted by email, and that is often to a generic email address that is probably very rarely checked. So, how do you contact these buyers?

The answer is not simple and there is certainly no single option that will succeed. The most important, of course, is your product or service. Having a technology such as ‘cloud’ is not enough, it is the application. What real problem are you going to solve? What pain does your potential client really have and who in their organisation feels that pain? It is probably not the IT director, it is certainly not the finance director and the CEO will not even know what you are talking about. The person feeling the pain is much lower down the in the corporate hierarchy, but are they less difficult to contact? No, but they are difficult to identify.

Does Lingo have a magic wand that will solve your problems? Sadly not. But if you have thought through your offer to the market and see telemarketing as a communications tool to be used along the buyers’ journey, we would love to talk to you. We will share with you what has worked and what has not, and only then will we offer proposals to move forward with a campaign. So, if you want professionalism and an honest opinion, please get in touch today.