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Lead Generation – Filling Your Sales Funnel

The B2B Buyer’s journey – in other words, your potential customer’s sales cycle – has become a very complex thing over the last few years. Most of the journey is hidden from you and this creates problems – and, of course, opportunities!

Lingo’s Lead Generation uses all the tools we have at our disposal, combining the full range of digital marketing services with our unique brand of professional telemarketing. This allows us to work across all areas of the B2B Buyer Journey, from strangers through to customers. Lingo LeadGen nurtures your potential customers as they move into the sales funnel and at all points as they move through.


As the cost of on-the-road sales people accelerates, Pharma companies are using digital communication in areas such as e-detailing and personalised communications with healthcare professionals. Find out how we can help.


Lingo works with both healthcare providers and companies selling into the healthcare sector. We cover all aspects of lead generation & marketing insight. Read More.


We sell into Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Further Education and Higher Education establishments. We understand the challenges & obstacles encountered in contacting education prospects. Read More.

Scientific & Medical Equipment

With products from surgical implements to scientific equipment, our targets have included NHS hospitals, private & university research labs as well as major charities. Find out more.

Professional Services

Generating leads in the professional services arena needs a clear understanding of your market and your proposition. Call us now to discuss what we can do.


If you are in IT sales, you don’t need us to tell you how difficult it is to cut through to decision makers; you need a compelling offer and a strong lead generation partner. Find out more.

See more about the digital marketing services we provide.

See our B2B Buyer Journey ‘strangers through to customers’ infographic.