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Lead Generation – Filling Your Sales Funnel

The B2B Buyers’ journey – in other words, your potential customer’s sales cycle – has become a very complex thing over the last few years. Most of the journey is hidden from you and this creates problems – and, of course, with problems come opportunities! Lingo’s Lead Generation grabs those opportunities by getting The HiddenBuyer® to reveal their identity, which is vital to success and is best achieved by giving them something in return or reaching out directly to them.

Lingo’s Lead Generation uses everything we have at our disposal, combining the full range of tools from Lingo’s Digital Armoury with our unique brand of Intelligent Telemarketing. This allows us to work across all areas of the B2B Buyer Journey, helping convert strangers to leads to customers.

Lingo works in all sectors of B2B sales and marketing, but we have particularly deep experience in the sectors listed below.

Pharmaceutical LeadGen

Lingo has over ten years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Lead Generation, with particular expertise in marketing and selling vaccines to GPs, Pharmacies, NHS Hospitals and Trusts and Private Clinics & Hospitals. Find out what we can do for your company.

Healthcare LeadGen

Lingo is one of the most highly experienced agencies in the field of  Healthcare Lead Generation. We work with both healthcare providers and companies selling into all areas of the healthcare market.  Read More.

Education LeadGen

Having worked for some of the biggest names in Education Services, targeting Primary, Secondary, Further & Higher Education establishments, we understand the challenges of successfully engaging with education prospects. Read More.

Scientific & Medical Equipment LeadGen 

From surgical implements to scientific equipment, our targets have included NHS Hospitals & Trusts, Private & University research labs as well as major charities involved in scientific research. Find out more.

Professional Services LeadGen

Experience has proven our belief that understanding a client’s market, philosophy and proposition is essential to success in all sectors, but this is especially so in Professional Services Lead Generation. Click here to see what we can do for your Professional Services practice.

IT/Telecoms LeadGen

If you are in IT or Telecommunications sales, you know only too well how difficult it is to cut through to decision makers. To get good results in your IT or Telecoms Lead Generation, you need a compelling offer and a strong lead generation partner. Find out more about what Lingo can do to enahnce your sales effectiveness.

See more about Lingo’s Digital Armoury.