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Is your marketing dancing for no one?

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Content Marketing | Digital MarketingThere was a David Attenborough TV programme a few years ago which showed a small bird clearing a space in the jungle so that not even a small leaf was to be seen. Having cleared this space, he began an intricate dance so as to attract a mate. He could not be sure that any eligible females were watching but he danced his heart out anyway.

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GDPR – Why all the gloom?

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GDPR | Data Protection Rules | GDPR for MarketersEvery blog, every article and every presentation on GDPR seems to imply that we are at the end of the road for direct marketing. Within a week of GDPR coming into force on 25th May, companies involved with direct marketing will have paid out so many millions in fines that the industry will be wiped out, as defunct as telephone boxes or pub ashtrays.

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Seminar Marketing – What if Nobody Comes?!

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So you’ve planned your seminar, got all the sales staff geared up and decided that the MD will give the opening address before handing over to John from R&D to do the technical bit. You’ve sent out invitations to all your customers and prospects, telling them that this is a must-attend event. You’ve bought a new mailing list of companies you believe will be interested in your new product and sent invitations to them too. You’ve booked a venue with capacity for seventy people. Finally, you got the sales team sitting down at the phones for a couple of days to follow up the mailers and confirm numbers. Continue reading

Identifying Your Website Visitors

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Website Visitor Tracking | Visitor IdentificationTracking website visitors

When you’re running a B2B lead generation campaign, one of the things you need to know is who has been following through from your Google AdWords, email or other campaign. This way, you will know which prospects to prioritise for follow-up.

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How To Use Lead Scoring Effectively

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office-336368_1280Your lead generation strategy is doing what it’s supposed to do – generating leads, which is great news. However, the feedback from your sales team is not so great as the ‘leads’ they are handling are not ready to close. Clearly a process of categorising and differentiating leads is required, and lead scoring is the best means of achieving this.

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Seven great ways to grow your sales pipeline

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Sales pipeline | Lead GenerationA healthy sales pipeline is one of the most important measures for sales success. It needs to be dynamic and constantly progressing or moving forward to the next stage. To do this, you need to reach your prospects across a range of different touch points and continually follow up your efforts in order to get maximum success. Here are seven practical ideas you can implement right away that will help grow your sales pipeline and keep all your leads moving in the right direction: Continue reading