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BridgeMaster Medical Case Study

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BridgeMaster medical designs, manufactures and distributes innovative products into the obstetrics and gynecology sectors of the medical sector. One of these items is Spackman Cannula which offers several benefits overs its competitors and is competitive on price.

Lingo’s Brief

BridgeMaster medical planned to introduce a new product into both NHS and private hospitals and needed to test pricing and packaging assumptions and also to uncover the decision making process within individual NHS trusts and private hospital groups.

 The Campaign

Contacting each NHS Trust in England, Lingo established the buying and decision making processes at each, obtained data on volumes bought, price paid and also the preferred pack sizes.

The same process was carried out for private hospitals where it was found that each group had buying processes that were unique to themselves.

The data was fed back to BridgeMaster medical, allowing them to adjust prices and to begin their marketing campaign focused on the decision makers for each potential customer. As a result of further feedback from Lingo’s research, they changed packaging so as to offer several pack sizes to meet the demands of specific customer demands.

Phil Barclay CEO of BridgeMaster medical said “Lingo’s findings allowed us to focus our marketing on the right buyer with the correctly priced product in the right pack sizes, giving us a clear advantage right from the start. Lingo were professional and efficient to work with”.

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