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Our client is a joint venture of two global leaders in biomedical innovation. The company worked successfully in the UK in partnership with health policy makers, authorities, and healthcare professionals for over 20 years and is a major supplier into the UK influenza vaccine market.

Lingo ran two separate campaigns for this client over two years – flu Vaccines and shingles vaccines.

Flu vaccines

We provided telemarketing support to the field sales force in the sale of seasonal influenza vaccines. We also provided direct mail services and an online order form for use by GP surgeries.

The flu vaccine selling season runs mainly from September to December with orders being taken for the following autumn. Flu vaccines are a major part of any surgeries’ year with the numbers of patients receiving the vaccine varying from a few hundred in smaller surgeries to several thousand in some of the larger practices.

Lingo organised the mailing of some 8000 renewal forms and then set about following them up by phone to ensure receipt and to encourage prompt return. Lingo also designed and set up a microsite with an online ordering form which linked directly back to the client’s own order processing system. The microsite had a Lingo-designed landing page

By the very nature of their jobs, Health Care Professionals are hard to contact and this requires careful management of call backs to ensure the right people are called at the right time. Lingo’s CRM system, on which all calls are managed, is specially designed to make this process as easy to manage as possible.

To ensure that surgeries were not contacted after they had returned their order forms, Lingo and the client liaised closely via the order processing systems jointly developed for this campaign.

As well as chasing existing customers, Lingo called potential new customers to encourage them to switch to our client as a supplier and sending quotations.

A Senior Manager, Business Management at the joint venture said:

“Lingo managed this large task very efficiently and proved a valuable addition to our flu marketing effort. They provided regular feedback during the campaign and liaised closely with our sales teams to ensure the whole programme was managed efficiently”.


Shingles Vaccines

This again was targeted at the GP market. Lingo provided sales support telemarketing in the form of an educational/awareness campaign regarding patient eligibility under NHS rules. This campaign, like flu, ran for two years.


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