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Legal Cost Finance Ltd is a payment plan facilitator for consumers of legal services, offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to spread their legal costs over time.by coordinating relations with legal representatives, funders and escrow agents. Further, once a payment plan is installed, they will continue to administer the agreements and observe performance by all sides.

Legal Cost Finance directs clients to FCA regulated, specialist consumer credit brokers who procure the necessary financing for payment plan facilitation. Legal Cost Finance is part of the Kohen Rapoport Group, an industry leader in legal service innovation

Lingo’s brief

Lingo was tasked with expanding the number of vetted lawyers focusing on South West London and Middlesex. The objective was to secure expressions of interest for a legal relationship manager to meet with individual lawyers – both solicitors and open-access barristers – in order to recruit them into the scheme.

The Campaign

After an extensive briefing and working with Legal Cost Finance to develop a call flow chart to cover every eventuality, the Lingo team began researching each targeted law firm via the web before calling. This ensured that the caller was able to identify the appropriate specialist within each firm.

Legal Cost Finance’s is unique in the UK and this meant that the Lingo’s call, as Legal Cost Finance, created a great deal of discussion with a 30-45 minute call being quite typical. The Lingo team were able to answer the questions asked during these in-depth conversations and lay out the benefits of the service for both lawyer and client. All information gained on the call was given to the legal relationship manager to enable them to carry on where the Lingo call handed off.

Legal Cost Finance CEO Yuri Rapoport was delighted with the success of the campaign. “Lingo’s grasp of the service and their ability to set the appointments meant that we were kept very busy just following up on what Lingo generated, which has to be a good outcome!”

Telemarketing | Lead Generation | Pharmaceutical Telemarketing

BridgeMaster medical designs, manufactures and distributes innovative products into the obstetrics and gynecology sectors of the medical sector. One of these items is Spackman Cannula which offers several benefits overs its competitors and is competitive on price.

Lingo’s Brief

BridgeMaster medical planned to introduce a new product into both NHS and private hospitals and needed to test pricing and packaging assumptions and also to uncover the decision making process within individual NHS trusts and private hospital groups.

 The Campaign

Contacting each NHS Trust in England, Lingo established the buying and decision making processes at each, obtained data on volumes bought, price paid and also the preferred pack sizes.

The same process was carried out for private hospitals where it was found that each group had buying processes that were unique to themselves.

The data was fed back to BridgeMaster medical, allowing them to adjust prices and to begin their marketing campaign focused on the decision makers for each potential customer. As a result of further feedback from Lingo’s research, they changed packaging so as to offer several pack sizes to meet the demands of specific customer demands.

Phil Barclay CEO of BridgeMaster medical said “Lingo’s findings allowed us to focus our marketing on the right buyer with the correctly priced product in the right pack sizes, giving us a clear advantage right from the start. Lingo were professional and efficient to work with”.



Valneva is a fully integrated vaccine company that specializes in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of innovative vaccines with a mission to protect people from infectious diseases through preventative medicine.

Valneva’s UK commercial arm provides products to help protect travelers against Japanese encephalitis and cholera. Valneva UK also markets the company’s DEET-free insect repellent Moskito Guard®.

Valneva aims to improve awareness, advice and access to travel health to better protect travelers through working in partnership with healthcare providers.

The Campaign

Valneva had recently begun distributing its products directly in the UK rather than through a third party. The primary campaign objective was to ensure that all customers knew of the change of supplier and set up accounts with Valneva.

To achieve this, the campaign was split into two parts. Firstly, Lingo called to identify the correct contact at each customer and checked that the addresses held were correct. This clean data was then used by Valneva’s marketing agency for a direct mail piece with details of the new distribution arrangements and an account set up form.

The second part of the campaign a telephone follow-up to the direct mail with the following objectives:

  • Ensure that the direct mail piece had been received
  • Encourage those who had not already done so to complete and submit the account set up form
  • Where possible, to walk health care professionals and practice managers through the Valneva UK website to show how to order the vaccines
  • Answer any questions and, if appropriate, set up appointments for larger accounts to meet with Valneva team members
  • Lingo also provided, and continues to provide, inbound call services to Valneva for those with queries relating to account set-up and the ordering process.

Graham Thoms, Valneva UK’s Head of Commercial Operations UK, Ireland & Southern Europe, said “We were delighted with the way Lingo handled this crucial campaign. It was so important to us for all potential customers aware of the change in distribution and Lingo worked to take this worry from us. Lingo did a great job in a professional and seamless way”.

Telemarketing Services

BMG LABTECH is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, and reliable microplate reader instrumentation. Based in Germany and offering a worldwide sales and support network, the company has been committed to producing microplate readers for twenty five years and their innovative products have earned a strong reputation as technology leaders in the field

The UK division has a mission to become the first choice supplier in the UK for competitively priced multimode microplate reading technology, of the highest quality and technical excellence, backed by outstanding service and support.

Lingo’s brief

Working from the client’s data, Lingo was tasked with focusing on one particular UK sales territory with the following objectives:

  •  Generate new leads
  • Re-qualify old prospects
  • Restart lapsed client relationships

The campaign

BMG LABTECH’s data was a mix of organisational types – research labs, universities and hospitals. Each organisation had multiple contacts listed and these covered a myriad of departments. The first task, therefore, was to ascertain which contacts were in which department. Lingo used web research to match the names to specific departments so as to avoid multiple calling to the same department – this would have been time wasting for Lingo and, more importantly, deeply annoying for the department concerned! The focus, once it was ascertained who was who in each department, was towards the lab leader as this would normally be the decision maker.

Where lab personnel were not listed on websites, Lingo called labs to find a friendly contact with whom they ran through the names they had to ascertain those in the same lab and identify the appropriate lab leader. In doing this, Lingo was delighted to find that lab people are (mostly) a friendly and helpful bunch!

Once calling began in earnest, Lingo secured seventeen appointments, most of which were face to face and some were with several contacts in one visit. They also unearthed seventy five requests for further information.

BMG LABTECH’s UK Managing Director Robert Mount says “Lingo did exactly what we asked of them and achieved excellent results. Not only that, their reporting and other communication during and after the campaign was excellent too”.


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