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Lead Generation

Leads are the lifeblood of growth and key to building a strong sales pipeline. Find out more about our  Lead Generation services.

Lingo WebTracker

Lingo WebTracker identifies visitors to your website and sends you email alerts and reports. An essential B2B lead generation tool. Lingo Webtracker

Event Support

Events need people. People need coaxing, encouraging and reminding. So you need Lingo’s Event Support campaigns!


Market Research

The telephone is a powerful medium for structured research to support decision making. Read more about our B2B Market Research activities.

Lead Nurturing 

Leads, once generated, must be nurtured and grown as they become part of your sales pipeline. Find out more.

Product/Service Telesales

Aiming at a niche? Offering a product that needs a push to reach a part of the market that may not be cost effective for your direct salesforce? Learn more


Key Account Profiling

To target any major account or key account effectively, you must have a detailed picture of that organisation. Read more about Key Account profiling.

Customer Surveys

From time to time you need to ask your customers what they want and what they think of you. Read more about our Customer Surveys work.

Appointment Setting

Get your sales people in front of your potential customers with our leading Appointment Setting service. Find out more.



Data Verification

Data verification and validation to ensure it is accurate and up to date is vital to a successful campaign. Read more about our Data Verification services.